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Devices and KitsDevices and KitsNot actual patients.

Devices and Kits

Preparation with all-in-one reconstitution

Prefilled with XYNTHA and diluent, XYNTHA SOLOFUSE eliminates the transfer step and vials for all-in-one reconstitution.


A history of sustained supply and available in a range of dosing options:

  • 250 IU

    250 IU

  • 500 IU

    500 IU

  • 1000 IU

    1000 IU

  • 2000 IU

    2000 IU

  • 3000 IU

    3000 IU

Connect with your Patient Affairs Liaison to request a 4-in-1 portable travel caseConnect with your Patient Affairs Liaison to request a 4-in-1 portable travel case

The travel-ready kit

Everything you need to infuse on the go, XYNTHA SOLOFUSE comes in a portable and travel-ready kit.

  • Prefilled syringe

  • Plunger

  • Blue vented cap

  • Infusion set

  • Bandage

  • Alcohol swabs

  • Travel kit

  • Gauze pad

Pack 'em, flatten 'em, recycle 'em—

What to know about the cardboard packaging:

  • It's the same XYNTHA inside; environmentally friendly packaging outside
  • It's portable for an on-the-go lifestyle
  • It's compact and takes up less storage space
  • It can be flattened for disposal/recycling

Rapid Reconstitution (R2) Kit

The one-of-a-kind R2 Kit comes with a low, 4-mL diluent volume, prefilled syringe; needleless transfer
system; and distinct vial adapter.

Available in a range of vial sizes:

  • 250 IU

  • 500 IU

  • 1000 IU

  • 2000 IU

Device instructions for XYNTHA SOLOFUSE and the R2 Kit

  • How to reconstitute using XYNTHA SOLOFUSE
  • Combining XYNTHA SOLOFUSE syringes
  • Using the XYNTHA R2 Kit

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